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TRI VIET & ASSOCIATES is a registered and fully licensed INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY & LAW FIRM based in Hanoi, Vietnam. The firm was founded in 2004 by Mr. Nguyen Duc Long - an engineer, licensed and registered Patent A ttorney and Attorney at Law, who has involved in the field of intellectual property since 1992, especially in dealing with PATENT related matters, and two other qualified partners: one is a trademark attorney and the other is a licensed lawyer, who also have nearly 25 years of experience in TRADEMARK, LITIGATION and other IP related matters in Vietnam.


Practice Areas and Jurisdictions


TRI VIET & ASSOCIATES provides clients with a full range of IP services, strongly focuses on PATENT and PCT services, including but not limited to Searching, Advising, Counseling, Drafting, Translation, Preparation, Filing, Prosecution, Appeal and Opposition, Licensing, Transferring, Litigation, Maintenance, etc. in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and in any other jurisdictions upon client’s requests.


Industries and Technologies


TRI VIET & ASSOCIATES provides PATENT and IP services in a wide range of industries and modern technologies, including but not limited to: 

AgriBio / Agricultural / AgriFood / Agrochemicals / Automation / Automotive / Aviation / Biochemical / Biomedical / Biophysical / Biotechnology / Chemical / Chemicals / Clean & Green Technology / Communications / Computer / Construction / Consumer Products / Edutech / Electrical / Electromechanical / Electronic / Energy / Food & Beverage / Genetic / Laser / Machinery / Manufacturing / Materials / Mechanical / Mechatronic / Medical / Metallurgy / Molecular Biology / Nanotechnology / Oil and Gas / Optical / Pakaging / Petro-Chemical / Pharmaceutical / Pharmaceuticals / Physical / Polymers / Printing / Robotics / Semiconductor / Signal Processing / Telecommunications / Textiles / Transportation / Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ....


Human Resource


TRI VIET & ASSOCIATES has a team of in-house patent and trademark attorneys and practitioners, who hold the law, science and engineering degrees and some of them hold advanced degrees from the universities in Vietnam and abroad. In addition, a network of local technical advisers from technical universities, science universities and research institutes has been established and it always supports our patent staff in difficult, specific and high-tech cases.


Physical Resource


A computerized IP record management system (including hardware and software) together with the digitization of records enable us to store, manage, process and execute the works efficiently, quickly and accurately.


Professional Relationships


TRI VIET & ASSOCIATES has a good professional relationship and effective cooperation with state competent authorities to take protection, enforcement and handling infringements of client's IP rights in Vietnam, such as Courts, Inspectorates, Market Management Agencies, Customs Offices, Police Agencies and the People’s Committees of all levels.


The location of TRI VIET & ASSOCIATES head office in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, about 6km away from NOIP, plus a close and professional relationship with NOIP, enable us to directly meet, work and discuss with examiners for solving any urgent and complicated problem in relation to a pending application.


Awards & Ranking


- IP STARTS ranked firm by Managing IP Magazine for patent and trademark prosecution for 2017;

- IP STARTS ranked firm by Managing IP Magazine for patent and trademark prosecution for 2018;

- IP STARTS ranked firm by Managing IP Magazine for patent and trademark prosecution for 2019;

- Winner of the IP Law Firm of the Year Award in 2018 by Corporate Intl’ Magazine;

- Winner of the IP Law Firm of the Year Award in 2018 by Global Law Experts.




TRI VIET & ASSOCIATES is a member of VBF (Vietnam Bar Federation), HBA (Hanoi Bar Association), VIPA (Vietnam Intellectual Property Association), INTA, AIPPI and APAA.


With nearly 30 years of experience in the field of IP protection and enforcement in Vietnam, along with the above highlighted strengths in professional experience, human resources, physical resources and professional relationships, all that enable TRI VIET & ASSOCIATES to provide IP services in general and PATENT services in particular to the domestic and international clients in all technical fields, ranging from multinational companies to individual inventors in a qualitative, effective, reliable, and cost-effective manner.


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