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General Information  I  Filing Requirements



  • Full name, address, nationality, date of birth of the Applicant;
  • Full name, address, pseudonym (if any), nationality, date of birth of the Author(s);
  • Title, genre of the work;
  • Date on which the work creation was completed;
  • Date, place and form of first publication of the work (if the work is published);
  • A brief description of the work (in detail, can be prepared at our end).


  • A notarized Power of Attorney (Word file) (PDF file) from the Applicant (author/copyright owner); legalization is not necessary (required at filing);  
  • A notarized Deed of Assignment (Word file) (PDF file) from the Author(s) to the Applicant if the Applicant and the Author(s) are not the same (required at filing);
  • A notarized document from the Author(s) guarantees that the work is created without copyright infringement;
  • Documents attesting to legal existence and business activities if the Applicant is an entity;
  • A notarized copy of author's passport or identification card
  • Two (02) copies of the work applied for copyrights registration or 02 copies of the fixation of the subject matter for related rights registration (required at filing);
  • Documents evidencing the right to file an application if the applicant acquires that right from another person as a result of inheritance, transfer or assignment;
  • A document of agreement of all co-authors if the work has co-authors;
  • A document of agreement of all co-owners if the copyrights, related rights belong to joint ownership;
  • Other documents proving the work created by the author.

For more information concerning copyright protection in Vietnam, please click to the desired section in the above menu or contact us.


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